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We will use this space to share with you the latest developments on what we do at Youstice. We will also invite various experts to speak their mind about a number of topics, such as online dispute resolution, as well as the latest trends in issue management, e-commerce and technology, among others.

Iveta is reponsible for sales activities of Youstice in Czech Republic. She has 11+ experience with business as Deputy Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Czech Republic. Iveta is also a vision/creative thinking coach and an expert on public image.

The Expansion of ODR in Latin America

In the today`s blog post, we take a closer look at the work of Alberto Elisavetsky – Youstice`s business partner for Latin America - in the field of E-Mediation.

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Our Presentation to the Council of Europe

On June 22, Youstice was invited by the Council of Europe to deliver a presentation to the members of its Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights. Here is a short summary from the event.

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Is Your E-shop Prepared For The New European Regulation?

Alternative dispute resolution tools for resolving consumer disputes (e.g. mediation, conciliation, arbitration) have existed in Europe for several decades. They have proved to be a healthy alternative to judicial court proceedings, which are usually too intimidating, lengthy – and yes, also costly.

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How did Apple address #BendGate complaints? Lessons that we`ve learned so far...

Apple’s new flagship iPhone 6 Plus was released less than a month ago. The Internet went crazy not just because it’s the new iPhone, but because the phone has reportedly physically bent in some consumers’ pockets. Since Youstice is about retailers and customers getting along, we took a look at it and decided to comment on the topic, showing how we see it from our perspective.
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2014 and Onwards: Claim Handling Must Be an Engaging, Partner-Like and Bias-Proof Dialogue (Refunds are NOT Everything)

Economy of abundance, soaring business competition and the social media democracy have turned each customer into something of an old-time VIP-type with the voice of unpredictable reach. So, finding out what they want and delivering it is a must… any problem with that? You bet!
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How To Make Sure Your Omnichannel Customer Service Is Used And Appreciated By Customers

Phone-based customer service can be extremely costly, as well as bad emotion and inaccuracies-generating. However, as  the recent research “The Omnichannel Customer Service Gap” by Loudhouse shows it's not declining, even as text-based and social-channel usage have increased. 73 percent of consumers think that companies are paying more attention to generating sales across multiple channels than they are in delivering a consistent and seamless customer service experience across those same channels.
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Pro-active Dialogue on Claims Comes In, Reactive Customer Service Must Go

Recently, a lot has been written about customer loyalty and customer retention. Let us run a short overview of the arguments:

·      It costs five to six times as much to get a new (first time) customer as it does to keep a current one

·      Customer loyalty can be worth up to 10 times as much as a single purchase
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Past The Tipping Point - On-line Retailers Dealing with Customer Claims in the Social Networks Era

As opposed to catastrophic sci-fi books, our world has not evolved in an autocratic place with a few Big Brother type eminences ruling all. We live in the community-based environment of social media. This is the world where a customer has ceased to be an ant in the ground floors of an anthill. How does that manifest?

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