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Martin is responsible for managing Operations and Back Office at Youstice. Apart from various specializations and hobbies, he has a vast experience in customer care management and delivering best customer experience, which he gained at his previous positions at one of the Europe's leading outsourcing specialists. Martin is also closely connected with the ever-changing world of social media and product development.

How to avoid nervous breakdown this Christmas (for retailers)

Season of plenty is upon us - and your shop as well! According to Fortune magazine, holiday season generates as much as 30% of yearly sales. That means you need to make sure to take advantage of generous spirit of Christmas. But how to avoid stress this responsibility puts on retailer's shoulders?

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Big Secret Behind Customer Service

How to develop customer service that really matters? This is the topic on which many entrepreneurs often comment. While Jeff Bazos, CEO of Amazon, believes in customer-centricity and fulfilling customer's needs, Elon Musk, founder of Paypal and Tesla Motors, advises to seek out negative feedback. But what is really the big secret behind customer service?

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Six Common Customer Service Mistakes

According to Forrester research from 2013, 45 percent of all U.S. consumers abandon their online transaction if their questions or concerns aren’t addressed in an efficient manner. Simply put, if you cannot provide efficient customer service, you might lose as much as almost half of your sales!

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How To Use Negative Feedback to Your Benefit

Negative reviews and annoyed “rants” from angry customers on social media happen every day. Rather than feeling depressed about less than favorable opinions, let's look at some facts and data that argue that your e-shop can actually benefit from the negative feedback.

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7 essentials of a successful online shop

Being an e-shop owner is in many ways similar to being a chef. You've got your state of the art kitchen, you've got your dedication, but you can't cook a good meal without proper ingredients. The 80-percent failure rate of online businesses only underlines the need for good preparation. What are the necessary essentials of successful e-shop?

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5 New Year's Resolutions for Online Bussiness

In 2015, we all get a change to improve and grow in both our private lives as well as in our businesses. So, what should we aim for this year when it comes to the latter? According to Econsultancy research, smartphone traffic and multichannel integration will immensely aid the growth of online market [1], which should help business owners in taking their business to the next level. With that in mind: what are the top 5 pointers for a success in e-commerce this year?

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The Most Important Thing You Need to Gain a Competetive Advantage During The Christmas Season

This Christmas season it is estimated that retailers across the US will sell goods in excess of $616 billion.1 Some $60 billion is going to be spent by online shoppers. Retailers, be prepared!

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The Great List of the Biggest Customer Service Problems

Customer service is one of the most important key selling propositions of every company, there is no doubt about it. However, almost all of the managers and directors claim their customer service is exceptional. Well, then, it's quite a shame that most of the customers think the opposite!
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5 tips on successful customer service

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a company in possession of any good product or service wanting to celebrate success in the field of business must be in want of a good customer care.
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