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How to Avoid Crazy Long Crowds While Shopping During Black Friday?

Beginning of Christmas season is upon us. Ever since Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, Black Friday became unofficial start to Christmas shopping. In recent years, it has been marked by a real shopping frenzy with most retailers, malls and shopping centers, offering huge discounts or bargain deals, often called "doorbuster deals" and "loss leaders". According to National Retal Federation, the value of Black Friday weekend shopping was about 59 billion USD in 2012.

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7 Psychology Tricks to Boost Your E-Sales

It's never too late to add some few well-intentioned, additional tweaks to your e-shop. Design, layout and even new language copy can help you in your quest to make as many conversions as possible. Let's have a look at the tried and tested 7 psychology tricks that will help your sales and marketing.

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These Companies Have the Most Loyal Customers. How Did They Do It?

Just a few companies in the world have such loyal customers and notoriously known products as Apple, Volvo or Vibram. But what makes them stand out, compared to their competition?
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Do you want to be talked about? Read till the end!

Successful integration of Youstice with websites of your shop has a number of advantages, from which you can benefit immediately, in the medium term but also in long term.
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How to increase sales using Youstice as a part of modern customer service?

Nowadays, customer care is one of the most important areas, which need to be modified to the online world's needs. The behavior of consumers has changed.  Everyone wants to benefit from the advantages  of online shopping method, while maintaining all of the benefits of buying in a “brick-and-mortar” shop.

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4+ most common sales mistakes

How to be successful in selling goods and services? That’s the question!

I highly recommend few principles, which I use in everyday contact with my clients to build and maintain longstanding and successful relationships. To put things shortly: Try to prepare thoroughly for the meetings, identify customers` needs, listen to what they are telling you and be original.
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How boosting customer trust can help your business

Many businesses still overlook the fact that building trust among existing customers and encouraging them to stay with the brand by becoming loyal customers is equally –if not more- important to acquiring new clients.


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New online standard of customer care

Business meetings with our potential clients always serve for me as a learning point, showing why Youstice is attractive from their perspective, and what benefits they expect from cooperating with us.

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