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Tomáš is Youstice's Relationship Manager. He has more than two years of experience of idea and product development for various start-ups and is expanding his business skills by running an e-shop Sklapni.sk.

The Endangered Customer by Richard R. Shapiro: A Review

Ever heard of "people first" approach? It's the customer-centric philosophy stating the belief that if you put people first, your customer loyalty will get a significant boost. Founder and president of the Center for client retention, Richard R. Shapiro, wrote an extensive guide of 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business, in which he explains how to develop excellent customer experience.

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What has changed for online shoppers in 2016?

Online retail continues to be more and more essential to consumers' everyday life. According to E-Consultancy 2015 retail report, United Kingdom's online retail sales reached 52.25 billion GBP in 2015, a 16.2% increase vs. 2014 when the total amounted to £44.97bn. More and more online shops spring to life every day, while technology and software progress grows faster by a minute. What does this mean for online shoppers and how will it effect their shopping experience in 2016?

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How to Avoid a Nervous Breakdown This Christmas (If You're a Customer)?

Jolly old season of Christmas is here! Are your halls decked with holly, and most importantly, Christmas gifts for everyone you hold dear? Advent weeks are the busiest time for shops, with a never-ending stream of gift-givers coming through the door every minute. So, how can you remain sane and calm while chasing down for gifts this year? Here are our top tricks.

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Reward your loyal customers

Offering a great product or service is a must. You can‘t fool customers and if you would like to, your business wouldn‘t last very long. Beside great value of a product, exceptional support is another part of a successful business. What will complement a great product and exceptional support and make them the „holy business trinity“? Rewarding of loyal customers, of course!

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5 tools for improving workflow and save time

It can be tough to work efficiently when your office is noisy, or you have too many tasks on your to-do list, your colleagues are interrupting your thoughts, the sun is shining... well, you can find any reason why your working process is slow or ineffective. But hey, this is a digital world with cool little digital helpers. We have prepared a list of tools you may know (but you also may not). Let’s take a look at how to make your work easier.

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Happy Employees, Happy Customers

4 Tips How to Motivate Your Employees

"With great power comes great responsibility." Yes. That's a quote from Spiderman. Maybe you are asking, how is this relevant for my business? Let's change the word order. With great responsibility comes great power. Why? Because your employees have great responsibility and with this responsibility comes great power. Power to make your customers satisfied.

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6 must have add-ons for your PrestaShop e-shop

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for small online retailers. With the rise of online shopping platforms like PrestaShop or Magento, and the shift of customers from visiting brick-and-mortar stores to clicking on an e-shop, the opportunities are endless. However, are you taking advantage of every tool you can to help your online business thrive? Here's our "must have" election of top PrestaShop add-ons for 2015.

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Bad Christmas gift? Read this before returning it.

Christmas is definitely over and for most of us, the only thing that remains is nice holiday memories… plus some unwanted gifts! Continue reading and you’ll find out your options in case you want to return some presents that you simply don`t want to keep. In the end, you’ll also find one interesting hint for those of you who like to shop online.

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Handle the Complaints Like the Boss You Are! A Brief Guide for Starting E-commerce Businesses

What is the most important thing in the e-commerce business? The way I see it, you can ask this question countless times and always came up with the same answer: satisfied customers! Your customer is the boss, and running a successful e-shop is connected directly to your customers being happy. You can have the best product in your country or run an e-shop with the best design, with top of the game marketing, but if your customers are not content with your customer care, you will never succeed in the long scale...

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6 Tips For Choosing the Right E-shop

What is important when buying online? Price? Location of store? Safety? The last one might be the most important attribute for you; however, sometimes you're limited by budget or time. Here is a blog post on what to take into consideration when choosing the right fit for your next e-shopping experience.
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Three things I learnt managing an e-shop from scratch

As I was finishing my studies last year, me and my friend were wondering what to do for a living. The idea of being employed was not very interesting for us, so we decided to start our own business and find out what it means to work for ourselves.
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