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We will use this space to share with you the latest developments on what we do at Youstice. We will also invite various experts to speak their mind about a number of topics, such as online dispute resolution, as well as the latest trends in issue management, e-commerce and technology, among others.

Zbynek - CEO of Youstice - founded Youstice as a globally available tool for efficient resolving of shopping issues. His experience with online dispute resolutions originates from managing the development of ADR.EU, the European ODR Centre attached to the Czech Arbitration Court. Zbynek has a 11+ years of knowledge regarding e-commerce law and practice, gained as Head of E-Economy Practice Group at Central European Advisory Group.

Cheddar and curiosity

Cheddar has several meaning. I know three: a name of an English village, cheese my daughter likes the most and a brand new project in the ad-blocking story created few days ago by the VRM initiative.

VRM stands for Vendor Relation Management as opposed to CRM (Customer Relation Management). VRM is on the side of consumers and at the same time it claims that this is the best position for vendors as well. VRM is clearly a private market-based initiative which is VERY different from political administrative non-practical consumer-protection topics as we know them from Europe.

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ODR: What next?

More and more articles and presentations at conferences this year deal with the topic of the future of online dispute resolution (ODR). All of the authors argue in favor of a very bright future of ODR. Many commentators speak about the next global reform of judicial systems which is going to happen through ODR technology. I agree with that.

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Zbyněk Loebl: My road to Youstice

My name is Zbyněk Loebl and three years back I got an idea on how to make online shopping just a little bit safer and more satisfying. It all began with an e-shop order gone wrong and now, three years and multiple awards later, we can finally boast ourselves as a provider of first online platform that solves shopping issues across the globe in a fast and efficient manner.

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What Exactly is Youstice?

If you want your e-shop to be successful in today’s world you need to be fast. Your customers don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to fix things when they go wrong as soon as possible.

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What The Retailers Should Do to Satisfy Their Customers this Christmas Season

Let me tell you a short true story about how different can be the views and assumptions of retailers and their customers, especially during Christmas season.

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Customer dispute resolution as a business opportunity in Europe

EU countries are now in the proces of implementing EU legislation on consumer protection and online dispute resolution (ODR). It is a great opportunity to examine existing regulatory policies and be forward-looking in the implementation of the European laws.
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Enable your customers to better engage and make them independent. Become a VRooMer!

What is VRM?

VRM, as an opposite to CRM or customer relation management is starting to be a new big thing. It emerged 10 years ago in USA and has re-appeared recently as a strong new trend in business attitude. Key person behind VRM is Doc Searls, a common sense Internet thinker and influential blogger who now runs ProjectVRM at the Berkman Center at Harvard University. 
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UNCITRAL prepares rules for global consumer dispute resolution

I have attended this week in New York a session of UNCITRAL working group (WGIII) on the topic of online dispute resolution (ODR). I`m an expert member of the Czech delegation, but I was also invited there as the founder of Youstice to an expert panel held on Tuesday, 25 March.


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How will Youstice work?

Youstice will not resolve cases by itself. Instead, Youstice will connect alternative and online dispute resolution providers, consumer centers, retailers and their customers worldwide to provide the best platform for online issue management.


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CDR stands for consumer dispute resolution

Last September, Prof. Christopher Hodges from Oxford University told me that we should start using a term CDR for consumer dispute resolution.

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