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4 Local Startups to Watch Out For

Here at Youstice we like to keep an eye out on entrepreneuring start-ups that take a clever idea and turn it into a tool that makes your daily life easier. Here is a short list of start-ups that got our attention:

4local startups

1. Nicereply

How nice are your replies? Nicereply is a web-based analytic tool used to determine customer satisfaction with your agents, products or services. Clients can rate your support and in turn, you can improve your support system more accurately. Widespread integration, including multiple helpdesk chat agents, e-commerce systems, invoice systems and e-mail agents increases the usability of the Nicereply. This Slovakia-based start-up rolled out their clever app back in 2010 and won the StartupAwards.sk 2011 competition for the best newcomer.

2. Sli.do

Ever attended a presentation or an event for big audience and wanted to ask one of the speakers a question? Sli.do is a Q&A platform that allows you to engage with presenters. Special feature of displaying approved questions live brings the communication between the speaker and audience to a new level. Participants can also vote for the questions they like the most. Instant feedback leads to instant audience engagement. This app is suitable for all the event professionals. Sli.do originated from a project, aiming to improve teaching methods at Slovak universities and it currently boasts the awards, ranging from ETA2013 for Best New Event Tech Startup and FRESH14's for Best Tool.

3. Live Agent

Customer support is the key to success in modern business. Multichannel help desk Live Agent provides you with all the customer support under one roof - e-mail ticketing, call center, live chat, knowledge base, contact and feedback forms, as well as social networks (Twitter and Facebook) - and integrates them into one environment. The app was developed by Slovakia-based Quality Unit and its main aim is to help you become the customer support champion.

4. Hopin

Got tired of Googling phone numbers of nearest available taxi services? Or maybe you got lost in the city and don't know your way back? With Hopin you don't have to worry. The app uses your GPS location to calculate the best taxi for you, based on the distance and price. You can check the approximate price beforehand, rate your drive and you don't need to dial anyone. A taxi will pick you up based on your location. Hopin really puts the competition into private transport industry, which reflects on better response times and favourable rates.

This was just a small selection of Slovakia related start-ups that really stood out for us. They all have one thing in common – they try to make your life easier. So does Youstice – our application allows you to spend less time complaining and more time shopping.

What other startups that make your day-to-day routine more enjoyable would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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