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5 E-commerce trends in 2018 you should pay attention to

In 2017, the e-commerce segment grew by 21%. Every day, the world of e-commerce is becoming more and more competitive and there are plenty of things to pay attention to. We have picked these 5 trends which are becoming of increasing importance in 2018.


1. Personalization, personalization and more personalization

This is one of the trends that have been continuous for years now, and it is still a huge topic for 2018. Some of this is driven by the growth of AI, which enables e-commerce owners making remarkable customer experience. Today, most marketers think that AI will have more transformative effect on the marketing industry than the social media.

Using customer details, behavior-triggered emails, product recommendations on your website, personalized calls-to-action, and customer profiling – these are fundamentals! Are you sure you are using them all on your website? 

2. Bigger impact of DIY platforms

Last year, all DIY platforms grew significantly and we predict this trend to continue throughout 2018. Amazon is putting more and more energy into Amazon Handmade and eBay and Etsy are also experiencing big boom in this area. These platforms are popular especially among the members of younger generations who can make some extra money on it. In case you are an e-commerce manager you should be well aware of the competition on this front. 

3. Voice purchases

Up to 40% of millennials make purchases using voice orders. That is a huge number and it can be predicative of future consumer behavior. Alexa, Siri, and Google Home will become the next battlefields of search engine optimization. Why not start thinking about them now already and make a fair share on the market? 

4. Chatbots are becoming smarter

With AI becoming smarter every day, more companies are investing in their AI chatbots. Customer support is a significant part of operating costs, so it is very reasonable to invest in automation. Business Insider survey reported that up to 80% of business are expected to use a chatbot by 2020. Definitely, this is something not to be missed in 2018. 

5. Video is (still) the King of content 

If you haven’t started making video content already, you should re-think your stance in 2018. According to Huffington Post, it is estimated that by 2020 80% of all internet consumer traffic will comprise of video content. That means your business should have at least some video content strategy as well. You cannot ignore it anymore!

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