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5 ways to turn negative social media feedback into positive engagement


Every business needs to handle negative feedback from time to time. But not every business is capable of turning it into positive engagement. If you follow these 5 basic rules you will always make most of the situation:

  1. Always respond

It is important to respond no matter what. Your inactivity will look like you are ignoring the issue altogether which is even worse than the issue itself. The customer can go angry and your brand community might interpret it as weakness. You should always respond - always.

  1. Don’t be defensive
Take a long breath, make a pause and do not response right away. It is very probable your customer is not right or is not presenting the full context of the situation. However, publicly he or she is supposed to be right. At this point, being restrained is definitely a huge plus. Even if the situation is clearly on your side your message should not be defensive at first instead you should praise your opponent and treat him or her with huge respect.
  1. Kill you customer with positivity
While trying to respond, put your energy into positivity. You may not feel like being positive with your angry customer but that is the most professional thing you can do. Moreover, it will be more difficult for your customer to continue fighting you.
  1. Take the issue privately
Depending on the problem it may be better to solve the issue privately. Nothing is more irritating than a long conversation between dissatisfied customer and the customer support trying to handle the issue in a public forum. Moreover, it is not professional at all to discuss private issues publicly. On the other hand, if you resolve the problem in privacy do not forget to leave a public comment about it in a message history.
  1. Try to persuade your customer to delete the post
If you discussed issue privately and the problems have been straightened out your customer will be happy again. And what can you do with the negative feedback you have hanging on your Facebook page? Well, it could be difficult but we suppose it is not wrong to privately ask the customer to remove their post. If you follow previous tips and kill them with positivity there is no space for misinterpretation of your intentions.
Good luck!
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