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6 must have add-ons for your PrestaShop e-shop

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for small online retailers. With the rise of online shopping platforms like PrestaShop or Magento, and the shift of customers from visiting brick-and-mortar stores to clicking on an e-shop, the opportunities are endless. However, are you taking advantage of every tool you can to help your online business thrive? Here's our "must have" election of top PrestaShop add-ons for 2015.

1. Yotpo. Do know what your customers are saying about your product on Facebook or Twitter? Yotpo is a plug-and-play social reviews solution for e-commerce websites. This add-on provides the most efficient social review experience for every website in the world. With Yotpo, shoppers can read reviews, write their own, and even receive automatic reminders to review recently purchased products. This add-on also includes an automatic review loyalty program, reports and analytics that gives online merchants insight for strategy improvement.

2. DMU Real Time Statistics Module. This is the one for all our fellow "control freaks" ;) With DMU Real Time Statistics, you can see every customer activity within your shop. This add-on allows you to see each visitor's path and their actions on each page visited to identify which steps guide or block customers in the ordering process. It's a great source of info about your shop!

3. Shopgate. Want to get ahead in the mobile commerce game without the cost of expensive coding and programming? Shopgate overlays a mobile interface instantly giving your website a mobile app features! This mCommerce solution is one of the most recommended by PrestaShop users, as it perfectly integrates with a simple plug-in.

4. Dropbox Backup Module. PrestaShop BackUp Module with Dropbox integration. The most important and powerful tool for every webmaster and shop owner! This module lets you manually or automatically schedule BackUp's of your shop's files and database. This module backs up your files and the data at the same time so you can always fully restore your shop to a previous copy.

5. Facebook PS Wall Posts Module. Do you want to expand your sales through Facebook without having to hire a social media manager? This add-on saves you time and money. Facebook PS Wall Posts automatically takes care of your social media communication on your Facebook page. Leverage the power of your Facebook community to increase traffic and sales for your e-shop.

6. Last but not least: Youstice! Are you looking for a multilingual customer service tool that helps your customer address shopping issues they encounter? Check out Youstice – the new-generation add-on, delivering a fast platform of communication with customers over their complaints across the globe. It helps companies easily handle claims - both within countries and across borders. As Arnauld Bourboulon, the CRO of PrestaShop commented about Youstice's add-on: "Being a PrestaShop Premium partner has given Youstice exposure in our international community. Our marketplace alone has introduced thousands of merchants to Youstice's new approach to customer dispute resolution..."

There are a lot of ways you can make your PrestaShop-based e-shop more profitable. These were just our picks. What PrestaShop tools would you recommend for all the driven online retailers out there? Join our discussion on the topic.

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