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7 essentials of a successful online shop

Being an e-shop owner is in many ways similar to being a chef. You've got your state of the art kitchen, you've got your dedication, but you can't cook a good meal without proper ingredients. The 80-percent failure rate of online businesses only underlines the need for good preparation. What are the necessary essentials of successful e-shop?

1. Clear store navigation

You're offering the best product in your sector with the cheapest price and yet you're not making any sales? Take a good and hard look at your website. Is the layout simple? Is the lead generation path clear? Are your customers being offered a comfortable environment? If an answer to these questions is no, you need to reconsider the design of your e-store and work on something that gets the message across to consumers loud and clear. 

2. Good copy for product description

Pretty pictures are a must, but do you provide enough detail on your product description? If your customer has to Google your product, you're doing something wrong. Never forget to have two copies - one marketing-oriented and one tech-based. Are you selling the fastest tablets in your market? That's nice, now give us some hard numbers on that. If you don't defend your case at your own e-shop, nobody else will do it for you.

3. Fast payment process

This happens more often than it ought to. Customers are ready to whip out their credit card and proceed with the transaction - and they are attacked with the troll under the bridge that is your payment wall. The whole process is either too long or opens too many new browser windows. The instructions for payment details are written in almost riddle-like manner. Price and bank account number is unclear. All of this in golden age of online payments? Unacceptable. Make the process of payment as fast and secure for your customers as possible.

4. Think mobile

In Europe, mobile shoppers spent over £19.8 billion in 2014, almost twice as much as the year before1.  This represents one of the biggest growing e-Commerce segments and needs to be treated with enough respect. Browser optimization for mobile resolution, security concerns, and interconnectivity with other apps are the three main challenges any respectable e-shop owner needs to address. If your customers can't enjoy a proper shopping experience through mobile, they certainly won't return to your site through desktop.

5. Increase your social media presence

If you think you don't need all that Facebook and Twitter nonsense because you're pouring half your budget into an e-Commerce marketing campaign, hold your horses. Research shows positive online recommendations can boost the price consumers are willing to pay by over 9 percent, while negative comments on social media lead to average decrease of product purchase by up to 11 percent2. Social media is where the dialogue is happening today. Don't fall behind and create a solid social media presence for your e-shop.

6. Don't forget to personalize

Location-based technologies and interconnectivity with Facebook are the peak of the relationship marketing3. In today's race for numbers it's easy to forget to keep in touch with your customers on individual basis. Connection between e-shop and consumer is based on more than just plain need for the product. Extend a helping hand to your customers and make them feel special by engaging with them more personally.

7. Solve your customer complaints with Youstice

Even the best preparation cannot prevent something going wrong. Shipment arrives late. Someone at warehouse put wrong number of items into the box. Delicate items break during distribution. There are many ways purchase can go wrong - but there is one way to be prepared for anything. Enhance your customer care with online claim management and resolution tool such as Youstice. Make sure your customers can settle their issues with just a few clicks and stay satisfied even if the transaction got a bit bumpy.

These are our ingredients for cooking a prosperous e-shop. However, every chef has their own special recipe for success. Wanna share yours? ;)

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