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Aftermath of Christmas 2014: Tips for Retailers to Gain More Happy Customers

Christmas holidays are coming to a close, and so is the consumer satisfaction. Here comes the brigade of gift-returners – and they all want to express their unhappiness. According to ForeSee's annual Online Retail Satisfaction Index: UK Christmas Edition, which measures customer satisfaction, the British retailers do not give a satisfactory perfomance during the Christmas season.

This matters, because research shows that highly satisfied shoppers were found to be 62% more likely to buy from that retailer online in the future than a dissatisfied shopper, not to mention thez were 58% more likely to buy from the retailer the next time they need similar merchandise, as well as being far more likely to return to the site, recommend it, and show commitment to the brand.1

For retailers, the situation is plain and simple. Angry and dissatisfied customers will come knocking at your door – what can you do to make them happy again?

1. Extend Opening Hours

Regular opening hours in the days following Christmas don't cut it anymore. As the number of customers coming by your shop will be considerably higher, you need to get prepared for the eventuality of giving consumers much more of your own time - and your staff's time as well.

Tired and over-stretched shop assistants make for less effective customer care and that means decreasing your chances of making your customers happy.

2. Hire Extra Staff (If You Can!)

If extending of your store's opening hours doesn't do the trick, your can get extra hands on deck. Employing more staff can improve your response time both onsite and online as well. Instore staff can take care of unhappy customers walking into the shop, while online personnel can go through Facebook and Twitter and try to respond to the sea of after-Christmas social media rage.

Don't forget about proper training! Unprepared staff can do more damage than good to your store's reputation. And another thing: when hiring extra staff, keep in mind the purchases from foreign markets – language barriers can sometimes be overcome only with help of professional interpretor who has the know-how of your customer's culture and customs.

3. Resolve Complaints Quickly And Efficiently

Your customer doesn't care if you hire a bunch of little helpers or if the doors of your store never close. What he wants is to have his complaint resolved to his liking - as soon as possible.

This is where online tool like Youstice comes in handy. Your customer can explain his issue in greater detail and suggest the next steps for the resolution in just a few clicks. Youstice application works on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices as well, allowing the customer to file a claim from anywhere in the world. The whole process of resolving a claim doesn't take longer than couple of minutes. Multilingual aspect of the app also allows for resolution of cross-boarder disputes, which is a welcomed plus for your eCommerce growth.

Most importantly, Youstice offers a special seasonal feature: return of Christmas gift. With just one button, your customer will be able to turn his frown upside down. And isn't making our customers happy something that we all want?

Christmas is a difficult season for customer satisfaction. However, this season is also the biggest opportunity to earn your customer loyalty. Be prepared to fight for your customers' satisfaction and give your staff any tool necessary to complete the mission.

1 MyCustomer.Com: Retailers, beware! Research shows Christmas customer satisfaction slowing [December 21st, 2012] http://www.mycustomer.com/topic/customer-experience/retailers-beware-research-shows-christmas-customer-satisfaction-slowing/16

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