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AI and the future of customer service

In our latest blog, we wrote about the e-commerce trends for 2018. Altogether, there is one particular trend which will play the most important role in the future of customer service. The AI is revolutionizing every industry today and we believe it is the future of customer care as well. Here is why.
In recent years, we‘ve made significant progress in the field of natural language processing (NLP). It is the ability of machines to represent data in speech, to understand and to interpret human speech. Siri and Alexa are great examples of the progress in NLP. However, there are many more NLP practices in the field of customer care you should take note of. Most of them are called chatbots.
Chatbot is the new customer hero
Some predictions indicate that AI is to replace up to 80% of human resources in the customer service. Though deep learning is a powerful weapon for chatbots, we think this prediction is a bit rosy. According to experts, chatbot can now resolve 10-35% of customer inquiries, depending on the nature of the business. This proportion can rise up significantly in a few years.
What can 40% responses from a chatbot do for the customer service departments? A massive change. Chatbots can basically take care of all the monotonous work instead of the customer service professionals. They should shift towards more complex jobs and increase their impact within companies. This is a great example of the job evolution.
What are the necessary steps you should do when considering chatbot implementation?

1. Stay on course with your current customer care strategy. You should recognize new AI tools, which can impact your business. Remember, not every business is suitable for AI customer support and you should always have human backup.
2. Remember, your chatbots are only as smart as the volume of data you give them. Therefore, you should think about strengthening your education materials for the purpose
s of AI.
3. Firstly, consider chatbot as a way to augment rather than to replace your existing customer service. Many of the customer support AI are just a natural language search tools through the articles.
4. Think about chatbots in the long term. It isn’t an easy overnight win, but the long evolution of your critical processes.

The next few years will show us how much impact will AI bring to the current customer care principles. We will see a dramatic change resulting in lower costs and better services, that is for sure. This will relieve customer service positions and allow employees to pursue other careers. And what about us, the customers? Well, we should get accustomed to the world where human touch is less and less common.
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