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Bad Christmas gift? Read this before returning it.

Christmas is definitely over and for most of us, the only thing that remains is nice holiday memories… plus some unwanted gifts! Continue reading and you’ll find out your options in case you want to return some presents that you simply don`t want to keep. In the end, you’ll also find one interesting hint for those of you who like to shop online.

According to a poll conducted by MarketTools and an earlier one by Kohl’s, the most returned goods are clothing and shoes – they make up for 62% of all returns! High on the list are also toys & games, electronics, kitchen & bath goods. Remember: in case you want to return a gift, you should be smart and know your options.

First of all: there is a difference between returning an unwanted gift and a faulty product. There are several interesting articles on the web regarding gift returns – take a look here or here. There you’ll also find more information about returning gifts to a specific retailer, such as Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Best Buy and others.

You’ll need to follow a different game plan if we are talking about returning a faulty product. What should you do now? That’s the question… and here’s the answer:

1. Extended Returns

During Christmas time, a lot of stores apply an extended return policy for items, which can be even 30 days in some cases! Take a look at the store you were buying from to find out whether this applies to you- you can save the retailer’s time - and yours.

2. Call The Retailer

Visit or call the retailer to inform them about the situation. Retailers are prepared for returns during this season, so maybe they will give you a good option without official complaint. The clue is to never do this during peak time. The staff will not have time for your issue and will suggest you to use official complaint routes.

3. Complain

If you’re not able to reach an agreement with the store, file an official complaint. Here’s a very good guide to help you win - Ultimate guide to complain in 8 simple steps.

Some more tips for you:

  • • Don’t throw the original packaging out
  • • Keep the receipt
  • • Have the card you paid with ready to go 


And the promised hint: If you’ve done your shopping via internet, file a complaint via Youstice. Why? Because you’ll get the results earlier than the old-school way, it’s more comfortable and, finally, you can escalate the complaint to a neutral third party in case you’re not able to reach an agreement with the retailer. Interested? Learn more here: http://www.youstice.com/en/customers.

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