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Cheddar and curiosity

Cheddar has several meaning. I know three: a name of an English village, cheese my daughter likes the most and a brand new project in the ad-blocking story created few days ago by the VRM initiative.

VRM stands for Vendor Relation Management as opposed to CRM (Customer Relation Management). VRM is on the side of consumers and at the same time it claims that this is the best position for vendors as well. VRM is clearly a private market-based initiative which is VERY different from political administrative non-practical consumer-protection topics as we know them from Europe.

Cheddar aims at defining how the website experience should ideally look like for us, Internet users. Cheddar is an acronym standing for CNAME, HTML5, Encryption, Data Leakage protection, DNT, Accountability and Reciprocity. More information is available at http://blog.aloodo.org/posts/new-acronym/.

I am curious how Cheddar will fly in practice and I keep my fingers crossed for them to succeed. They try to create something new, something which should improve our lives, make them a bit better. And they are claiming this should be done by private industry, by advertisers, retail and service providers in their own interest, in order to be successful in the near future. Such project has all pluses so lets hope it will make it!

We at Youstice consider adding a new type of issues to our complaint forms for all our sector modules – an issue related to breaches of customer privacy protection. It is the right time to do it in support of the initiatives like VRM and projects like Cheddar.  

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