Effective management of your cases is always our priority. This effectiveness does not come from the quantity, but the quality of the data. Therefore, we have used some of the best UX practices to design a dashboard that makes your data approachable and smart. Check out what we have come up with for you.


Track your active cases

The very first screen of the dashboard will show you the basic overview of all your cases. Active cases waiting for you to respond, cases waiting for the customer’s response, cases escalated for an ODR decision, and resolved cases waiting for implementation. You can set the filter to see cases from a specific time period, cases belonging to specific stores or assigned to one of your agents. You can see the latest activity as well, so you can monitor the current progress.



View advanced statistics

However…“basic” is not enough, right? Okay, let’s show you some more advanced stats. In My statistics“ view, you can see the rates of your cases. Do you know the percentage of cases resolved in an agreement, implemented, escalated, or rejected cases? Do you want to see the statistics for specific assignees or between specific dates? Or even better, do you want to see the average response time of an assignee? You can filter anything.




Most common issues in your shop

Have you ever wondered what are the most common shopping problems customers experience when shopping at your store? In Youstice Dashboard, you can see the common issues in absolute numbers as well as percentage rates. Along with the most common issues, you can see the most common resolutions of these issues. Keep track of all the refunds, price reductions, returned charges, or any other resolutions you have reached.




Monitor cases escalated to ODR providers

Escalating cases to ODR provider is an important functionality of the Youstice ecosystem. In accordance with the EU law, it allows your customers to escalate unresolved cases, which should promptly make an expert resolution. With Youstice Dashboard, you can see the numbers of decided and undecided cases, as well as the average decision speed of the ODR providers you cooperate with.



Need more?

Youstice Dashboard will give you the basic insights about all your cases. Is there anything more you need? You can give us a feedback at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..