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Handle the Complaints Like the Boss You Are! A Brief Guide for Starting E-commerce Businesses

What is the most important thing in the e-commerce business? The way I see it, you can ask this question countless times and always came up with the same answer: satisfied customers! Your customer is the boss, and running a successful e-shop is connected directly to your customers being happy. You can have the best product in your country or run an e-shop with the best design, with top of the game marketing, but if your customers are not content with your customer care, you will never succeed in the long scale...

One of the key elements of customer satisfaction is the way you handle customer complaints. This is a topic I would like to elaborate further and show you how you can handle complaints without much effort and make your customers even happier.

1. E-mail/infoline

The easiest thing you can do for your customers is to display your email address or – even better - your phone number in an easily visible place on your website. It's nothing special, but your customers will appreciate it. However, you might see this as a disadvantage: once your sales increase and more of your customers start complaining, there is a bigger chance you will get a lot of phone calls. In this case solving each complaint without any system becomes really time-consuming and you won't have the time to do other things like marketing or business development. Thereafter this solution can be less helpful than it looks.

handle like a boss

2. Contact/complaint form

Creating a special subpage on your e-shop where customers can easily file a claim or send you a message about their issues can be the second solution. When they write the subject of their message, you will have a chance to sort it in a way you would prefer and start to build your custom complaint system. You can also provide them with an opportunity to choose from a few pre-defined subjects which will make it easier for you. This solution shows a bit more of a structure compared to simple email address or phone number, but on the other hand, replying on such messages or complaints can prove to be very time-consuming. You will receive many messages to one mailbox, for example positive and negative reviews, requests for new products, complaints and so on.

3. Online tools (eg. Youstice)

With our application we are trying to resolve all the issues mentioned above and make it as easy as possible for you – and even easier for your customers. After you finish a very simple implementation (you can choose from three types, based on your level of IT skills) of our module to your e-shop, your customers can file a claim in just a few clicks, attach necessary documents and send you messages –all that in just a few minutes. Afterwards you will receive an email notification about filed claim and you can answer directly to this case from any of your devices in a very short time. By displaying Youstice logo at your webpage, you will show your customers that you are happy to solve any of their issues and that you truly care about their satisfaction. I have to recommend the Youstice 6-month trial – it provides you with a chance to get to know our application.

So, what is the best way to resolve customer complaints? It's really up to you. But you should remember that one of today's hottest trends is to take care of your customers and to have a reliable and quick customer service. If you give them an easy solution for their complaints, your customers will be satisfied and they will spread the good word about your e-shop which will increase your sales. What a great win-win solution, isn't it? :)

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