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How to Avoid a Nervous Breakdown This Christmas (If You're a Customer)?

Jolly old season of Christmas is here! Are your halls decked with holly, and most importantly, Christmas gifts for everyone you hold dear? Advent weeks are the busiest time for shops, with a never-ending stream of gift-givers coming through the door every minute. So, how can you remain sane and calm while chasing down for gifts this year? Here are our top tricks.

1. Do Some Show-Rooming And Order Online

Let's be real – following the Black Friday, shops are full of nervous and time-pressed shoppers. Spending your entire weekend in search of a perfect jumper for your niece or the right color of train set for your son is not exactly how you pictured your leisure time. Don't forget that an average shopper makes 5 trips to the shops to get all Christmas gifts!

Stop wasting your time and come up with a simple shopping strategy. Visit the shops with your top choices, try the gifts in the store and then order the items online - after thorough search for best price/delivery ratio. You will save yourself going back and forth to the store and you will make the delivery process that much easier.

2. Do Your Shopping Sooner Rather Than Later

According to 2014 research, more than quarter of men do most of their Christmas shopping only last minute (e.g. third week of December or even a few days before Christmas). On the other hand, more than half of women do their shopping during the first week of December. One thing is becoming obvious: the longer you wait, the more limited your options!

If you don't want to get stuck with bundles of terrible socks and other generic gifts, plan ahead. Use the first weeks of December to find the perfect gift and order it straight away. Not only will you have better options, but you'll also avoid delivery delays and issues, linked to the huge shipping demand on last week before Christmas. And let`s be honest- no one wants those presents to arrive after Christmas, correct? ;)

3. Check All the Details

To error is human, and to throw the blame on the shop in question – even more so. However, sometimes the prevention of mistakes is the best time-saver. Before you hit the confirmation button on your online order form, double check all the data! While payment details are necessary for confirming your transaction, the delivery address and contact details (eg. a mobile phone) are crucial in order to receive the parcel without delays.

This also involves reading the fine print. Be sure to check your store's shipping policy, just to get ahead of any surprises. Many shops clearly state the last possible order day with guarantee of delivery before Christmas. Some banking transactions can also take a bit more time than you would expect – see the shop's FAQs about that.

Christmas is always a huge rush of responsibility and pressure for both consumers and retailers as well. Don't let this taint the holiday spirit and have yourself a merry shopping spree! If you found this article helpful, you might want to check out our feature on how do Englishmen, German and French return their Christmas gifts.

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