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How to Use Email, Social Media and Blogging to Increase Conversions

The world is now very focused on technology and with information on anything available at the click of a button, using technology has never been more important to increase conversions. Whether this be through email, social media or blogging, all of these have been proven to increase conversions when used appropriately and effectively. Follow these tops tips to succeed in the world of modern technology.


The way you write emails, what you send and when you send them can all influence how people view you and your business. Many now have emails that come straight to their phones, but many apps also categorize emails into promotion and primary categories. Have your emails got what it takes to ensure customers take the time to open it? If they have you on their email account they have already taken an interest in the brand or have purchased from you, meaning they may do so again. Emails should be straight to the point and the first few words a customer sees will decide if they think your email is worth opening.

One big way that many companies increase conversion rates is using abandoned cart emails, you may have even had one yourself. Reminding a customer that they have not purchased their items may be just the thing to convince them to go ahead with the purchase. There may be many reasons someone didn’t finish a transaction and they may have just got side-tracked, therefore you are getting a sale you wouldn’t have got otherwise without sending such a simple email.

Promotional offer emails are great, but the best way to encourage sales is to target specific customers in the way that is most likely to speak to them. Those that only buy discounted items or those on sale have the best chance of opening and clicking on emails that are promoting sales or ways to save money such as a refer a friend program if your business has one. Being personal is a great way to ensure customers purchase from your company again. This may be something as simple as sending a discount offer when it is their birthday as this is also when they are more likely to have a bit of extra money to spend.

Depending on the type of business you are running, it may be worthwhile putting an extra bit of fun into your emails. Instead of sending an ordinary “your package is on its way”, perhaps think about adding a personal touch such as a GIF or something personal and lighthearted that relates to your business. Some smaller businesses that struggle with email marketing can even look into using an email marketing service to help organize and strategize an email marketing plan. This is a sure-fire way to get customers to remember you and therefore shop with you again, increasing conversions by having a well thought out plan that's fun and simple!

Social Media

Social media is used by almost everyone. If your customers are using a computer to order things, the chances are they have a social media account too. Whether this is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or all three, connecting with customers on social media can increase conversions and is a great way to continue to promote your business and its products for free. When using social media, use each platform for different and unique content. Instagram is generally for pictures and therefore this is where you may want to upload pictures of your products, happy customers who have sent you photos or you may want to take a picture of your everyday life relating to your business such as your morning coffee and your laptop. This can help customers connect with you and your business and having something that doesn’t feel like constant advertisement will ensure customers don’t get bored of following your account.

Using social media is about making your business feel more fun and connecting with your customers to increase conversions. Providing link after link will only decrease the amount of likes and follows you get. Instead try and make it fun and friendly and put yourself into your customer’s shoes. If you have a target market, research what they might like to see and use this. You may want to put a funny quote or an inspirational picture and add a little message with a link on the end, therefore consumers are more likely to enjoy your posts rather than feeling bombarded with advertisement.

Another great way to increase conversion, especially on Facebook is to use a “tag a friend if” picture or video. In this generation, especially if you are targeting the young adults, tagging their friends in memes, videos and pictures on social media has become the norm. This means it can come up on many people’s stream when a customer tags their friend in one of your posts and this can mean your business is being seen by many that may have not found your page otherwise.


Converting blog readers into customers can be tricky. Many people click through blogs everyday but do not purchase anything. Knowing your audience and tailoring your blog posts to that clientele is the best way to ensure they keep reading your blogs and are more likely to become a customer. You also need to be able to write effectively to get the best results, so you may want to look at hiring a writer if this is something you struggle with. You may wish to add an advertisement or link directly into your blog post that could attract the reader to look at a relevant product or service, or many companies have a pop-up that may come on whist a reader is looking through your post.

If you are struggling to make your blog page work, analyze what you have written and what has worked best. Some people even try conversion optimization software such as OptinMonster, that has features to help analyze which content is converting. For example, they have a A/B testing feature that allows you to try different content, titles, and headlines to see what converts best on your site. Use your website data and see which blog posts were the most popular and which had the highest conversion rates. You can then work out what it is that is turning readers into customers and you can work from there.

A/B testing feature helps you eliminate the guess work by letting you try different headlines, content, layouts, and styles to see what converts best

Use a strong call to action and keep this standard throughout all your blog posts. You may wish to target your audience further into the buying cycle rather than those just looking from preliminary information on a product or service. Work on the keywords within your blog that may appear when someone uses a search engine and promote your blog on other platforms to increase the readers and potential buyers. Once you have changed these, keep analyzing and tweaking accordingly to find what works best for you and your audience.

The use of all three of these platforms is the best way to increase conversions. Keep on top of your accounts and get customers involved, meaning they are more likely to like and share your posts. People are more likely to become a customer if you have a large following and a good amount of likes and comments on your posts. There are many professionals and programs out there to help you increase your conversions on any of these platforms if you are struggling to do so on your own, whether you are a small or large business.

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