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Reward your loyal customers

Offering a great product or service is a must. You can‘t fool customers and if you would like to, your business wouldn‘t last very long. Beside great value of a product, exceptional support is another part of a successful business. What will complement a great product and exceptional support and make them the „holy business trinity“? Rewarding of loyal customers, of course!

According to Inc., it costs more to acquire a new customer than to keep or satisfy your current. By rewarding your customers, you are sending a message „we care about you and we are happy to be with you“ to them. It adds another value to your product and spreads the positive vibe even to people who are not your customers yet, when it comes to word of mouth. There are many ways how to reward your customers, from loyalty programs to special limited offers. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Old but gold – postcard greetings

This may be surprising for you, but rewards can be as little as a postcard. At first you may think - where is the extra value in this? It‘s human touch! A small New Year‘s postcard signed by team members, CEO or support team can be a very pleasant gift. Other than that, it is more interesting and rare than just a „thank you, cheers“ e-mail.

Stamp card bonus

Very popular for local gastro businesses, stamp cards are great for rewarding loyal customers. A simple card with check-boxes for stamps. Customer gets a stamp from personal for every meal. After 5 or 10 stamps, loyal customer gets one meal for free. Simple but effective. You can adapt this strategy, make it online by adding it to your website or sending info via mail. There are no boundaries to imagination.

Simple point system

Does your loyal customer buy often? Let him or her collect points. It works almost the same as the stamp card bonus, although the process is slower. For every purchase of a product, service or simply by staying with for a certain amount of time, customer gets points. Points can be spent on another purchase or limited items. Behind this point system there is a feeling of gamification and customers like that.

Bonus tool system

Michal Truban, founder of Websupport webhosting company and CEO of customer feedback tool Nicereply, provides Nicereply‘s nice plan ($19/month) as a free bonus to customers who bought webhosting or domain service. It is not just a great way to reward loyal customers, but also a great opportunity to promote another business to lead (potential customer).


This is not necessarily a reward for loyal customers, it can serve as a reward for anyone. Did you ever get your pizza with an unexpected doodle on the pizza box? Well, I did and it was funny. :) Interesing is, that customers want doodles. When ordering a pizza online, you can often add specific request. Like a dinosaur on the pizza box. You can find more pizza doodles on this Pinterest board dedicated to them.

If you want to know more about functional loyalty programs, read these great posts by HelpScout and HubSpot. You will get more insights into rewarding a customer and find out there are many ways how to execute a loyalty program strategy.

Have you ever tried a loyalty program? What were your results? If you want to add something, feel free to do so in the comments. :)

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