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After visiting the sMind conference in Zagreb on the 6th April, we have only compliments for the organizers. It was so nice to see that the Croatian and Slovenian market are in fact leaders in digital innovations, we saw some great presentations. The level of the conference was really high, everyone was nice and we felt warmly welcome there.


The digital market in these countries has a big potential and companies such as Ceneje group with leading comparison shopping platforms in the Adriatic region, Ceneje and Jeftinije, are contributing to an exponential rise of SMEs in this sector. The latter did not have before the visibility they deserve and had to struggle to attract new clients. 

Claim management is a long lasting issue in e-commerce and now with our newly signed partnership with sMind, a business intelligence initiative of Ceneje group, we will be able to offer the Youstice tool to over 500+ retailers.

Youstice is about increasing the trustworthiness and accountability on the e-market. We were praised before as being innovative, groundbreaking and a harbinger for vendor relationship management-type of solutions. With the addition of sMind, our local partner for Slovenia and Croatia, we will be able to offer our powerful tool to a growing number of retailers and increase their local and cross-border sales.

Youstice is more than just a disruptive global solution for retailers. We change and challenge the practices of mainstream mindset regarding how customer-vendor relations take place. Doing so, we open a whole new horizon in the online world by enhancing trust and intensifying trade.

Youstice as a concept represents a breakthrough in e-commerce. Moreover, the platform creates an eco-system in which sellers, buyers and eventually neutrals (i.e. ODR providers) engage in a digital dialogue (in local or global scale), with the aim to reach fast and fair agreement. The ultimate result is an increase in the share of e-commerce. Sellers retain loyal customers and the latter profit from a myriad of choices in the global market, with the assurance that their rights as a buyer will be looked after. Finally, by adding the ODR assistance to the eco-system, Youstice tackles the slow-paced expert decisions by decreasing paperwork and allowing for a digital shake of hands between both parties.

The whole gallery from the event can be found here: http://www.smind.hr/smind-foto-galerija/

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