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Summer Is Coming - What Does That Mean For E-Commerce?

Season of the sun, beaches and heat-waves is upon us! Put on your sunglasses, pour some sunscreen on that burned skin and prop-up your bare feet to see what the biggest hits in e-Commerce during summer months are.

Mondays Are Terrible For Morale, But Good For Sales

Did you know that during summertime, shoppers make the most expensive online purchases exactly on Monday? According to 2012 research from SumAll, summer weekends are the slowest time for online shopping due to everybody being away. However, the return to work brings and beginning of the week brings unusual blues, accompanied with shopping spree: on average price USD 41 per item, as compared to Friday's average purchase price of 35 USD.

July is officially the slowest month for e-Commerce sellers, with over 30% decline vs. the peak December shopping season. The number of online orders picks up by the end of summer, as last August week is usually the one with biggest revenue out of the entire quarter, due to the approach of another school year.

Every Other Consumer Likes To Travel

Everybody likes to break out of their routine and travel during the summer. According to 2013 research, every other person (49%) considers travel their top summer activity. Now, that vastly outweighs other favorite summer activities, such as camping and attending music festivals.

Profits for travel agencies are growing every year. Report by American Society of Travel Agents indicates that when travel agents closed their 2014 books, they expected to net their highest profit margins in more than a half dozen years.

Who makes the most out of the summer travel-craze? Spotlight goes to low-cost airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet that provide cheap air tickets for consumers across the globe. According to The Guardian, Ryanair net profit for the year til the end of March increased by 66% to €867m.

Holiday accommodation is the second thing a wandering traveler secures online. Expensive hotels and all-inclusive programs are often set aside in favor of cheaper lodging, provided by vacation rental services, such as Airbnb or HomeAway. Just to describe the scope of cash-flow involved in private owners renting out their houses, Airbnb passed the 1 billion USD of yearly revenue in 2013.

Top Item To Buy For Travel: Sunglasses

No big surprise there - travelers are out for sights, not glaring sun. Research from marketing company Chango indicates that sunglasses are ranked as top most searched travel item (44%), followed closely by cameras, first-aid kits and swimsuits.

Sportswear and outdoor leisure equipment is next on the list of hot summer sales. With camping being the runner-up for favorite summer activity, tents and sleeping bags are up for grabs.

According to EbaySellingCoach, these are the items that sell best during the summer:

  • • Consumer electronics
  • • Luggage and specialized bags
  • • Baby items
  • • Recreation equipment
  • • International versions of common electrical items and appliances
  • • Power conversion aids


Once the sun and warmth really hits in, protection against mosquitos and other annoying wildlife – such as repellents, bed nets, special clothing – rapidly grows on popularity, especially in cities with big rivers. In 2012, entrepreneur Damian Sanchez grossed about 1 million USD for his mosquito-control business.

Good Advice For E-shops: Bundle Your Items And Prepare For Next Season

Unless you are selling swimsuits or sunglasses, summer might be a slower period for you. E-Commerce guru Danni Ackerman has this simple advice for e-shops during summer:

    • 1. Buy smart and keep your prices tempting – this way, you might get profit even from items more suitable for winter
    • 2. Prepare – list items themed around upcoming events and holidays (like "back to school")
    • 3. Offer international shipping – it’s winter on the other side of the world and that means market more open to your stock
    • 4. Bundle – shoppers can't resist thinking they are getting an amazing deal when they purchase several items together


Summer season is an excellent opportunity for e-Commerce sector to shake up the usual offer and apply new strategies and tactics in order to generate more revenue. If you are interested in hot new e-Commerce trends, read more about philosophy of customer-centricity or about the arguments for e-shop automatization.

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