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The Dark Side of Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping season is traditionally the biggest opportunity for retailers and service providers. Whether it is purchase of a great dress, or securing a discount coupon for a relaxing holiday massage, the clicking race for best price goes through the roof – especially on the online market.

Research from Experian Hitwise shows that Boxing Day back in 2013 was the biggest and busiest day ever for online retailers in United Kingdom. Internet users made 129 million visits to retail websites on the very date, a 15% year-on-year increase, and spent a total of 17 million hours browsing and shopping online.1

That's a lot of purchased goods. However, what can Christmas consumers do if they are not satisfied with their gifts?

1. Listen to the busy-tone for hours

December 25 in Europe and 26 in UK is the day when floodgates of unsatisfied gift-owners flow wide open. And let's be honest - despite all the love and attention that goes into the buying of Christmas gift, there is never a bigger number of the unsatisfied gift-endowned than during the days after Christmas.

What can you do about it? You can either wait your time in the queue with other disgruntled customers, or you can pick up the phone and call the shop's owner or their customer care. But remember - everybody will be calling that number.

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2. Rage on social media – to no avail

If unable to satisfy your need to exchange the gift, you can always march out on your Twitter and Facebook and voice your thoughts before the general public. Edison research suggests that in 2012, 42 percent of consumers complaining via social media awaited an average of 60-minute response time.2

However, if the staff responsible for answering customer complaints is too busy taking calls or answering the customers at the store, you cannot expect to achieve much of a response. You are taking the risk that your voice will drown in the sea of millions of unfocused and undirected complaints that appear on social media.

3. Return your Christmas gift through Youstice

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution for both you and your retailer, you are in luck! Youstice is an award-winning online tool for handling of customers' complaints. Just a few clicks, and you can let your retailer know the exact nature of your issue with the item and also your suggestion for the next steps of the returning process. You can do so from the comfort of your home and due to the sophisticated structure of dialogue, you can expect a rapid response from the retailer.

On top of all that, Youstice offers unique seasonal feature - return the Christmas gift. With just one button, you can take care of the whole returning process, without any fuss. You cannot get more time-saving than that.

As the number of complaining customers climbs to record highs, this Christmas season can be a difficult time for both consumers and retailers. Make sure you are ready for anything and choose the best way of dealing with any shopping issues that might occur!

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2ConvinceAndConvert.com: Is Social Customer Service the New Telephone, or the Next Email? [February 6th, 2014] http://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-media-research/42-percent-of-consumers-complaining-in-social-media-expect-60-minute-response-time/

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