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The Endangered Customer by Richard R. Shapiro: A Review

Ever heard of "people first" approach? It's the customer-centric philosophy stating the belief that if you put people first, your customer loyalty will get a significant boost. Founder and president of the Center for client retention, Richard R. Shapiro, wrote an extensive guide of 8 Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business, in which he explains how to develop excellent customer experience.

Based on 27 years of consumer research, The Endangered Customer focuses on how can your customer care develop the hope, provide a sense of control, establish a connection, deepen the trust, avoid frustration, make your customer feel wanted, show your customer they matter to you and make your customer feel special. Each of these steps is tied to a human emotion and thus is universally understandable by all.

His advice applies to all channels - chat, telephone, email, e-Commerce and social media and allows your business to develop a higher repeat business score (RBS). In today's fast-paced world with endless competition, your customer is the one thing you need to keep. Richard R. Shapiro's read is an essential guide on how to make your relationship with customer last.

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