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The Most Important Thing You Need to Gain a Competetive Advantage During The Christmas Season

This Christmas season it is estimated that retailers across the US will sell goods in excess of $616 billion.1 Some $60 billion is going to be spent by online shoppers. Retailers, be prepared!

Try to imagine your average complaint rate - can you estimate it as a percentage? Is the rate you have in your mind right now manageable by your staff? Research shows that during the month of December, sales often go up by 40% compared to November.2 That’s a lot of potential customers for you, both new and returning ones, and leads to a huge growth in sales and business transactions over a short period of time.

Many retailers try to cope with this higher customer demand by hiring part-time holiday workers for the Christmas season. They’re there to help during the sales peaks and they do their best to make the rushes go a bit smoother. However, working in a high-stress setting and dealing with rushed customers, not to mention handling so many transactions, often leads to more errors on the business side of things. Even if your complaint rate is small during the Christmas period it can still amount to a lot of angry customers you need to deal with.

So, how can you handle them the best?

People Will Always Complain, And You Can’t Always Help Them All

This will come as a surprise to no one. Sometimes, despite you best efforts, you can’t make everything right for an unhappy customer. There could be a million reasons why: a gift that didn’t fit, late delivery, a broken item... You name it, it’s done.

Keep in mind that it‘s five times more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep the old one. Therefore, it’s crucial to handle the complaints you do recieve with care for the sake of your future business. If a customer complains it is in your best interest to make sure you do whatever you can to make it right. And if not, apologize and offer compensation to the extent you are able. The friendly attitude for sure will be appreciated.

...But You Can Be Ready

Many retailers think that once a customer complains, he has given up on their shop. With this in mind, they handle the complaint badly and, unsurprisingly, the customer doesn’t return to the shop again. You, on the other hand, can take this situation as a chance to distinguish your company from your competitors.

Even a complaint can turn into a great customer experience - yes, we mean it! Anytime a customer complains and their voice is met with understanding, a sincere apology and an immediate fix, , they tend to share the positive part of the experience with others and downplay the negative side of things.

Handle the complaints with care. We understand that you may feel like the numbers are piling up, and resolving them seems to be taking forever. However, for each customer their problem is the most important. Understanding this and treating their problem with the right dose of attention is key to a great customer service experience. No complaint should be left behind.

When handling customer complaints especially around the holidays it’s a good idea to have a helping hand. In case you do not know it - we happen to be experts on the subject! With Youstice, you can handle complaints like a boss.Check us out if you like!


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