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Tips for Retailers on How to Shine During Black Friday

Black Friday traditionally kicks off the beginning of the holiday shopping season on the day after Thanksgiving. Last year total spending was $57.4 billion- no wonder that Black Friday is considered to be a start of the shopping season! We've prepared several tips for retailers to survive the year's largest bout of shopping madness, as well as the most interesting data from last year.

2013 Facts:
  • - Total Black Friday spending was $57.4 billion
  • - Online spending was $1.4 billion
  • - The average amount spent by holiday shoppers from Thanksgiving Day til Sunday after was $407 *****
  • - 248.7 million shoppers visited physical and online stores over the Black Friday weekend
  • - 92.1 million consumers shopped on Black Friday
  • - The most visited retailers were:
    1. 1. Amazon
    2. 2. Walmart
    3. 3. BestBuy
  • - Total mobile visits increased 93% compared to 2012
  • - Overall mobile transactions increased 219% from 2012
  • - Total revenue from mobile transactions increased more than 368%
  • - Amazon was the most mentioned retailer with almost 450,000 posts on social media
  • - $150 million in revenue came from social media referrals alone 



1) Prepare your campaign in advance
Preparation is crucial, so the earlier, the better. Arranging the details for your campaign can guarantee success.

2) Adjust your landing page specifically for Black Friday
Less than 25% of companies have an adequate landing page. Don't be scared to use a landing page to promote yourself online. One of great option is a counter which announces the beginning of sales.

3) Think smart(phone)
If you take a look at the facts from 2013, you'll see that there is huge shopping trend moving to smartphones. Think of smartphone users while you're prepping for Black Friday.

4) Shoppers need inspiration - help them by creating a gift guide
Everyone is searching for a perfect gift- perfume for a girlfriend, a cookbook for Mum, a watch for dad, and a pair of reindeer socks for granddad... This is what your buyers are looking for, and you can help them decide.

5) Make sure that your online transactions will be error-free and mobile friendly
During the biggest shopping day no one has any patience. Make sure that everything works as it should.

6) Be smart with deals. Deals with limited time offers can improve your conversion rates.
Place a countdown to your website with all the information about deadlines and more. Be creative and let people know the time is coming and the deal is limited.

7) With much shopping there is much complaining. Become a customer complaints-solving superhero.
It's never easy dealing with a customer service issues. Use the four-step system to deliver excellent customer service: listen, acknowledge, solve and thank to get to the heart of their complaint and provide a quick solution! If you offer excellent customer service and follow procedures, complaints will be rare.

8) Discounts are everywhere - focus your marketing on quality service
Black Friday is all about sales and special promotions. Don't forget to quality of your service in the rush! There is nothing worse for your reputation than a bad service. Customers always appreciate effort, especially on Black Friday.

9) Build new connections. Loyalty programs can boost your sales.
Whether your loyalty program consists of giving away occasional free items, providing deals and discounts on products, or offering reduced rates to customers who recommend your business to their family and friends, it can encourage your customers to come back on regularly.


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