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What It Means To Be a Game Changer

I am writing this blog freshly off my visit at #CustFest - 2014 Europe's Customer Festival, having collected the Game Changer Award for the best newcomer. The 13th edition of the insightful event focused on different aspects of customer journey, and helped define the upcoming trends within the ecommerce, telecoms, retail, finance or travel sectors.

Customer Game Changer AwardThe Game Changer Award shortlisted new European companies with the biggest potential to change the game for businesses and consumers. Five finalists were selected out of all entries, and the final nod went to Youstice. It was a great pleasure to get such a recognition for the solution, which aims to shake things up a bit and create a new standard in customer care. I believe this award will allow us to take one important step towards reaching the goal.

Why is it so important to improve existing standards in customer care? Simply put there is still significant room for improvement – with millions of unresolved complaints made all over the world and thousands of disgruntled customers seeking their justice. Adjusting to the ever-changing needs and demands of the empowered, stronger customer is simply crucial for the businesses to survive and build loyal client base.

Let's remember that today it is easier than ever to change the shop or service provider you are not happy with – or voice an honest opinion over a poor customer service in social media, which may hurt the reputation of your brand and encourage clients to go to your competition. That's why businesses should actually encourage customer to complain whenever something goes wrong and be well-prepared to handle those complaints.

It feels great to be officially recognized as the game changer of the year, and it is a huge vote of confidence from the world of business. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all who have helped us make this happen, and to invite all forward-thinking business owners to stay one step ahead and reach out to us and help us take your business to the next stage.

Youstice received an award at the Europe's Customer Festival
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