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Zbyněk Loebl: My road to Youstice

My name is Zbyněk Loebl and three years back I got an idea on how to make online shopping just a little bit safer and more satisfying. It all began with an e-shop order gone wrong and now, three years and multiple awards later, we can finally boast ourselves as a provider of first online platform that solves shopping issues across the globe in a fast and efficient manner.

During my years in development of European ODR Centre, the idea of online dispute resolution was always hot on my table. The discussions about out-of-court settlements that would save consumers from having to undergo a lengthy process and have huge expenses on lawyers settling their case were circulating mediation elite for decades since late 90s. What made affordable solution for low-value high-volume cases in retail possible was the expansion of Internet into consumers' everyday lives and huge success of online applications as a way of instant communication.

It is my firm belief that our application combines the best of breed in expertise, across the technology and legal sectors. It increases trust in transnational shops as it guarantees a fair, smooth and satisfying settlement of conflicts, for example, by enabling the rapid exchange of information in different languages to resolve online disputes quickly and efficiently.

The initiative for developing state-of-the-art complaint management system for e-shops and brick and mortar stores came when I saw a clear need to have a system ready for relatively tiny complaints, such as “My shoes arrived in wrong size” or “My iPad came broken”. My main motivation was to help “the little guy” by providing him with a practical solution to his problem of having little to no way of contacting his retailer about his issues.

That’s how Youstice was born as a quick exchange of pre-structured dialogues with clickable icons of clear meaning. This way, retailer and consumer can hash it out in their own way and arrive at resolution without having to pay any lawyers. For example, our competition often provides much less functionality than the app my team worked hard on for years. Most of our competition is making the customers fill out lengthy forms and write down everything – that can be time-consuming as well as discouraging to first-time users. This is where the two years of testing and testing again shows results – we have solution better suited for the end user, either the consumer or the retailer.

Youstice app offers very low threshold of difficulty for normal users, both in the sense of legal knowledge and IT literacy. Simply put, you don’t have to know all the laws by heart or to have intimate knowledge of how a proper complaint should look – our app will ask you for all the necessary details.

Where do I want to see Youstice in ten years? My ultimate goal for Youstice is to become synonymous with justice in online shopping. Our app is not the only thing we produce – we also nurture a community of experts in online dispute resolution and customer care that help to spread to word of our out-of-court solution for any and all who might need it. Youstice community is growing month by month and we encourage anyone fighting for online justice in e-Commerce to join us in our mission.

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