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Is Your E-shop Prepared For The New European Regulation?

Alternative dispute resolution tools for resolving consumer disputes (e.g. mediation, conciliation, arbitration) have existed in Europe for several decades. They have proved to be a healthy alternative to judicial court proceedings, which are usually too intimidating, lengthy – and yes, also costly.

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7 essentials of a successful online shop

Being an e-shop owner is in many ways similar to being a chef. You've got your state of the art kitchen, you've got your dedication, but you can't cook a good meal without proper ingredients. The 80-percent failure rate of online businesses only underlines the need for good preparation. What are the necessary essentials of successful e-shop?

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Secrets of winning your customers over for World Consumer Rights Day

Year after year, on March 15th, we are reminded of the creation and initial outline of an important milestone in the world of customer service; Consumer Rights. The importance of consumer right grew rapidly as its effects yielded positive results for companies around the world.

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6 must have add-ons for your PrestaShop e-shop

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for small online retailers. With the rise of online shopping platforms like PrestaShop or Magento, and the shift of customers from visiting brick-and-mortar stores to clicking on an e-shop, the opportunities are endless. However, are you taking advantage of every tool you can to help your online business thrive? Here's our "must have" election of top PrestaShop add-ons for 2015.

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What Exactly is Youstice?

If you want your e-shop to be successful in today’s world you need to be fast. Your customers don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to fix things when they go wrong as soon as possible.

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Did You Return Your Christmas Gift? So Did These Customers

Christmas season is traditionally the biggest period for returning purchased goods. It's also the most demanding time of the year for retailers who need to offer top quality assistance to impatient clients. Unhappy gift-owners often will want to change the color of their clothing or to get their cash back - ASAP. So, what are the top Christmas gift-returning trends and figures from 2014? We've selected the best ones from the US, UK, Germany and France for you to give you a better overview of the situation.

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5 New Year's Resolutions for Online Bussiness

In 2015, we all get a change to improve and grow in both our private lives as well as in our businesses. So, what should we aim for this year when it comes to the latter? According to Econsultancy research, smartphone traffic and multichannel integration will immensely aid the growth of online market [1], which should help business owners in taking their business to the next level. With that in mind: what are the top 5 pointers for a success in e-commerce this year?

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Bad Christmas gift? Read this before returning it.

Christmas is definitely over and for most of us, the only thing that remains is nice holiday memories… plus some unwanted gifts! Continue reading and you’ll find out your options in case you want to return some presents that you simply don`t want to keep. In the end, you’ll also find one interesting hint for those of you who like to shop online.

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Aftermath of Christmas 2014: Tips for Retailers to Gain More Happy Customers

Christmas holidays are coming to a close, and so is the consumer satisfaction. Here comes the brigade of gift-returners – and they all want to express their unhappiness. According to ForeSee's annual Online Retail Satisfaction Index: UK Christmas Edition, which measures customer satisfaction, the British retailers do not give a satisfactory perfomance during the Christmas season.

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The Most Important Thing You Need to Gain a Competetive Advantage During The Christmas Season

This Christmas season it is estimated that retailers across the US will sell goods in excess of $616 billion.1 Some $60 billion is going to be spent by online shoppers. Retailers, be prepared!

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The Dark Side of Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping season is traditionally the biggest opportunity for retailers and service providers. Whether it is purchase of a great dress, or securing a discount coupon for a relaxing holiday massage, the clicking race for best price goes through the roof – especially on the online market.

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What The Retailers Should Do to Satisfy Their Customers this Christmas Season

Let me tell you a short true story about how different can be the views and assumptions of retailers and their customers, especially during Christmas season.

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Tips for Retailers on How to Shine During Black Friday

Black Friday traditionally kicks off the beginning of the holiday shopping season on the day after Thanksgiving. Last year total spending was $57.4 billion- no wonder that Black Friday is considered to be a start of the shopping season! We've prepared several tips for retailers to survive the year's largest bout of shopping madness, as well as the most interesting data from last year.

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What Buyer Protection Do UK Shoppers Get With a Credit Card?

Buyer protection is one of the many perks that come with having a credit card. Buyer protection covers certain purchases and functions as a form of insurance. To know more about the typical buyer protection plan that comes with having a credit card, read on.

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Got a Negative Review on Social Media? Keep Calm and Read This

Customers all over the world have their opinion and boy, they are not afraid to share it!

Using social media for your business swings two ways: on one hand you get insights and information directly from the buyer's market, and on the other hand, you get negative sentiment and trolling. How should you handle the latter? Let's boil it down.

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7 Useful Tips On How To Handle Difficult Customers

It should come as no surprise that not dealing with complaints from customers may affect your company’s reputation – AND business. The research shows that as many as 66% of disgruntled customers will most probably not shop with you again if they bought a faulty product – or experienced bad service… Here are seven ways to avoid losing clients – and save your brand’s reputation.

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Handle the Complaints Like the Boss You Are! A Brief Guide for Starting E-commerce Businesses

What is the most important thing in the e-commerce business? The way I see it, you can ask this question countless times and always came up with the same answer: satisfied customers! Your customer is the boss, and running a successful e-shop is connected directly to your customers being happy. You can have the best product in your country or run an e-shop with the best design, with top of the game marketing, but if your customers are not content with your customer care, you will never succeed in the long scale...

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Effective Consumer Redress: A Necessary Tool for an Increasingly Competitive Market

Consumer expenditure represents the majority of the GDP in virtually every country. According to the EU, consumer expenditure accounts for 56% of the total GDP, while some studies put this figure in the US at 70%. Yet, the courts are not the right forum to resolve problems arising from these consumer transactions. When consumers enter into a dispute they will understandably be reluctant to consider a formal judicial proceedings as the channel for finding redress, especially where the loss is relatively small, as litigation is costly, slow and stressful. The EU, as well as many other countries, has decided to invest in out-of-court redress options, as these would be the preferred option for most consumers, particularly when these options offer independent, fast and effective redress.

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How did Apple address #BendGate complaints? Lessons that we`ve learned so far...

Apple’s new flagship iPhone 6 Plus was released less than a month ago. The Internet went crazy not just because it’s the new iPhone, but because the phone has reportedly physically bent in some consumers’ pockets. Since Youstice is about retailers and customers getting along, we took a look at it and decided to comment on the topic, showing how we see it from our perspective.
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Burning questions about future of ODR

The UNCITRAL Working Group on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) meets this month in Vienna to continue discussion of model rules for international ODR. Here are the working documents for the meeting, and past meetings.

The perspective of the project since its inception in 2010 has been to find a way to resolve high-volume, low-value disputes – not necessarily just consumer disputes, but many would be of this kind.
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