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We will use this space to share with you the latest developments on what we do at Youstice. We will also invite various experts to speak their mind about a number of topics, such as online dispute resolution, as well as the latest trends in issue management, e-commerce and technology, among others.

These Companies Have the Most Loyal Customers. How Did They Do It?

Just a few companies in the world have such loyal customers and notoriously known products as Apple, Volvo or Vibram. But what makes them stand out, compared to their competition?
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What It Means To Be a Game Changer

I am writing this blog freshly off my visit at #CustFest - 2014 Europe's Customer Festival, having collected the Game Changer Award for the best newcomer. The 13th edition of the insightful event focused on different aspects of customer journey, and helped define the upcoming trends within the ecommerce, telecoms, retail, finance or travel sectors.
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The Great List of the Biggest Customer Service Problems

Customer service is one of the most important key selling propositions of every company, there is no doubt about it. However, almost all of the managers and directors claim their customer service is exceptional. Well, then, it's quite a shame that most of the customers think the opposite!
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6 Tips For Choosing the Right E-shop

What is important when buying online? Price? Location of store? Safety? The last one might be the most important attribute for you; however, sometimes you're limited by budget or time. Here is a blog post on what to take into consideration when choosing the right fit for your next e-shopping experience.
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4 Local Startups to Watch Out For

Here at Youstice we like to keep an eye out on entrepreneuring start-ups that take a clever idea and turn it into a tool that makes your daily life easier. Here is a short list of start-ups that got our attention:

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Three things I learnt managing an e-shop from scratch

As I was finishing my studies last year, me and my friend were wondering what to do for a living. The idea of being employed was not very interesting for us, so we decided to start our own business and find out what it means to work for ourselves.
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Do you want to be talked about? Read till the end!

Successful integration of Youstice with websites of your shop has a number of advantages, from which you can benefit immediately, in the medium term but also in long term.
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2014 and Onwards: Claim Handling Must Be an Engaging, Partner-Like and Bias-Proof Dialogue (Refunds are NOT Everything)

Economy of abundance, soaring business competition and the social media democracy have turned each customer into something of an old-time VIP-type with the voice of unpredictable reach. So, finding out what they want and delivering it is a must… any problem with that? You bet!
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7 Of The Biggest Customer Service Influencers Share Their Advice

Are you looking for some advice to improve your customer care? You’re in the right place! Who could be more dedicated to this case than some of most influential people of the industry?
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Customer Loyalty is Changing - How You Market Yourselves Should Too

The days of consumers solely going into a shop to buy products is quickly becoming a thing of the past and ecommerce is becoming the new way consumers interact with retailers. Since the mobility explosion of the past few years, bricks and mortar stores are a lot less influential than their online counterparts. Another impact of ecommerce has been the change in consumers’ habits – whether that’s the way they consume, the way they purchase or the way they engage with retailers.

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Ultimate guide to complain in 8 simple steps

That feeling when you are waiting for something for a long time, purchase it and...whoops, it arrives damaged. You’d like to run immediately to the store, screaming or just pick up the phone and tell a couple of words to the agent... But wait! Count to three, take a deep breath... try to think objectively and act reasonably.

Here are some useful tips on how to simplify the process of complaining and increase your chances to actually get what you want.
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5 Great Customer Service Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

As the saying goes: Customer is THE key pillar of every business. Without them, there is no income and without money, it is impossible for any company to exist in a longer run. Each customer service employee should understand the responsibility to provide top customer service and the fact that a customer has to be treated individually, with a full respect and patience.

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ODR - The New Trend In EU Legislation

After the Evening Seminar “Online Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes- Is there a Business Case for it?” jointly organised by CCLS, Queen Mary University of London and Youstice.

Ever heard of Online Dispute Resolution? Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is dispute resolution using online communications and information technology outside the courts. Given the high costs and barriers for consumers to “going to court”, very few of them take their commercial disputes there. ODR has therefore been regarded as a vital means of access to justice for consumers who have a dispute with a business. New EU legislation exists on ODR (the ADR Directive 2013/11/EU and the ODR Regulation 524/2013/EU) and the government’s consultation period on how to implement this new legislation in the UK has just expired today. It is likely that we will see the setup of a residual ODR system open for all consumer disputes in the UK as a consequence.
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How To Make Sure Your Omnichannel Customer Service Is Used And Appreciated By Customers

Phone-based customer service can be extremely costly, as well as bad emotion and inaccuracies-generating. However, as  the recent research “The Omnichannel Customer Service Gap” by Loudhouse shows it's not declining, even as text-based and social-channel usage have increased. 73 percent of consumers think that companies are paying more attention to generating sales across multiple channels than they are in delivering a consistent and seamless customer service experience across those same channels.
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Expedition to Sao Paulo - What's the Future of E-commerce?

After visiting the E-Show retail event in Sao Paulo earlier in May, it is clear that Brazil is the next big thing when it comes to future development of e-commerce sector. For a number of reasons.
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How to increase sales using Youstice as a part of modern customer service?

Nowadays, customer care is one of the most important areas, which need to be modified to the online world's needs. The behavior of consumers has changed.  Everyone wants to benefit from the advantages  of online shopping method, while maintaining all of the benefits of buying in a “brick-and-mortar” shop.

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My Feedback On Youstice

Having participated in analyzing feedback from the beta testing of Youstice software this spring and I was struck by the consistently positive feedback about its user-friendly features.  And now Youstice is set to launch a major web service that is helping set the standard for e-commerce dispute resolution across the globe.  Its highly efficient and streamlined multilingual services will provide e-consumers and e-sellers with quick online management of their disputes.  The guarantee of access to secure, efficient, and user-friendly dispute resolution methods is vital to the engine of commerce and enhancing trust in cross border e-commerce for both buyers and sellers.
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Pro-active Dialogue on Claims Comes In, Reactive Customer Service Must Go

Recently, a lot has been written about customer loyalty and customer retention. Let us run a short overview of the arguments:

·      It costs five to six times as much to get a new (first time) customer as it does to keep a current one

·      Customer loyalty can be worth up to 10 times as much as a single purchase
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Past The Tipping Point - On-line Retailers Dealing with Customer Claims in the Social Networks Era

As opposed to catastrophic sci-fi books, our world has not evolved in an autocratic place with a few Big Brother type eminences ruling all. We live in the community-based environment of social media. This is the world where a customer has ceased to be an ant in the ground floors of an anthill. How does that manifest?

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5 tips on successful customer service

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a company in possession of any good product or service wanting to celebrate success in the field of business must be in want of a good customer care.
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