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We will use this space to share with you the latest developments on what we do at Youstice. We will also invite various experts to speak their mind about a number of topics, such as online dispute resolution, as well as the latest trends in issue management, e-commerce and technology, among others.

Customer dispute resolution as a business opportunity in Europe

EU countries are now in the proces of implementing EU legislation on consumer protection and online dispute resolution (ODR). It is a great opportunity to examine existing regulatory policies and be forward-looking in the implementation of the European laws.
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The cost of Non-Europe

Why the missing single European digital market is a huge loss for EU economy.

I have recently read the newly published report on The Cost of Non-Europe1. I first came across the idea in Brussels during European Consumer Summit 2014 this April, where MEP Mr. Pablo Echeverría presented first findings and urged to continue with the adoption of legislation in favor of single European digital market.
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4+ most common sales mistakes

How to be successful in selling goods and services? That’s the question!

I highly recommend few principles, which I use in everyday contact with my clients to build and maintain longstanding and successful relationships. To put things shortly: Try to prepare thoroughly for the meetings, identify customers` needs, listen to what they are telling you and be original.
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Enable your customers to better engage and make them independent. Become a VRooMer!

What is VRM?

VRM, as an opposite to CRM or customer relation management is starting to be a new big thing. It emerged 10 years ago in USA and has re-appeared recently as a strong new trend in business attitude. Key person behind VRM is Doc Searls, a common sense Internet thinker and influential blogger who now runs ProjectVRM at the Berkman Center at Harvard University. 
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10 customer service LinkedIn groups you should follow

Want to become an expert in your industry? Remember to keep an eye on the biggest influencers, watch trends, participate in discussions - and then incorporate everything into practice. Linkedin groups offer at least three of these: you can follow influencers and trends, and also participate in discussions. However, the harder part is to choose the right ones to join just to save your time.
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European Consumer Summit 2014 - on European digital single market that doesn’t exist.

I participated at the European Consumer Summit 2014 that took place in Brussels during April 1st - April 2nd. It was a major EU event in the area of consumer protection. Selection of the topics was excellent, but two of them dominated: consumer protection in an e-commerce world and a non-existing European digital single market.


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Excellent customer service in three words

Some could say it’s hard to describe an excellent customer service - and they are right. There are dozens of books and pieces of research related to it. However, there are just few rules, which are above the others.


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UNCITRAL prepares rules for global consumer dispute resolution

I have attended this week in New York a session of UNCITRAL working group (WGIII) on the topic of online dispute resolution (ODR). I`m an expert member of the Czech delegation, but I was also invited there as the founder of Youstice to an expert panel held on Tuesday, 25 March.


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Where the retail goes...

I was in the London attending the Retail Week Live, the leading event for the Retail Industry in the UK. The event called together all the top retailers and their managers so the audience had a chance to listen to great presentations.


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How boosting customer trust can help your business

Many businesses still overlook the fact that building trust among existing customers and encouraging them to stay with the brand by becoming loyal customers is equally –if not more- important to acquiring new clients.


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Thoughts on Youstice

I spent some time yesterday looking through the Youstice web site and was most impressed...


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Behind the launch of Youstice, pt. 2

The Pilot phase lasted 14 days and was a success. We have learnt a lot about the needs of our clients, and we got much needed valuable feedback.


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How successful are women in the world?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, let me wish all the very best to all of the great women out there! This blogpost will be dedicated to Them.

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New online standard of customer care

Business meetings with our potential clients always serve for me as a learning point, showing why Youstice is attractive from their perspective, and what benefits they expect from cooperating with us.

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Behind the launch of Youstice, pt. 1

The end of October 2013 was a pretty hectic time in our office, to say the least. We had spent a lot of time, meeting our potential partners across Europe and then following up with them via dozens of e-mails/phone calls. In the meantime, Zbynek (CEO) and Karl (Managing Director) went to the United States for their long planned business journey…


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How will Youstice work?

Youstice will not resolve cases by itself. Instead, Youstice will connect alternative and online dispute resolution providers, consumer centers, retailers and their customers worldwide to provide the best platform for online issue management.


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CDR stands for consumer dispute resolution

Last September, Prof. Christopher Hodges from Oxford University told me that we should start using a term CDR for consumer dispute resolution.

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