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We will use this space to share with you the latest developments on what we do at Youstice. We will also invite various experts to speak their mind about a number of topics, such as online dispute resolution, as well as the latest trends in issue management, e-commerce and technology, among others.

How to Use Email, Social Media and Blogging to Increase Conversions

The world is now very focused on technology and with information on anything available at the click of a button, using technology has never been more important to increase conversions. Whether this be through email, social media or blogging, all of these have been proven to increase conversions when used appropriately and effectively. Follow these tops tips to succeed in the world of modern technology.

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AI and the future of customer service

In our latest blog, we wrote about the e-commerce trends for 2018. Altogether, there is one particular trend which will play the most important role in the future of customer service. The AI is revolutionizing every industry today and we believe it is the future of customer care as well. Here is why.
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5 E-commerce trends in 2018 you should pay attention to

In 2017, the e-commerce segment grew by 21%. Every day, the world of e-commerce is becoming more and more competitive and there are plenty of things to pay attention to. We have picked these 5 trends which are becoming of increasing importance in 2018.


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Interview with Thomas G. Giglione

Thomas G. Giglione has over 20 years of working experience as a mediation trainer, commercial mediator and institutional arbitrator. He is an accomplished dispute resolution professional who has mediated in a wide range of commercial cases including class action matters, primarily employment, construction, regulatory, consumer, general contract and business disputes as court appointed Roster mediator for the Supreme Court of Ontario, Canada.

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5 ways to turn negative social media feedback into positive engagement


Every business needs to handle negative feedback from time to time. But not every business is capable of turning it into positive engagement. If you follow these 5 basic rules you will always make most of the situation:

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Use technology to overcome the language barrier

A study by Forbes and Rosetta Stone shows the biggest challenge global businesses are facing today is the ability to provide consistent customer care in multiple languages. Not surprisingly, in this era of fast globalization language is the most important barrier. Could technology help us with overcoming it? We suggest so.

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Do you speak Customerish?

Today, we can buy more things online than offline – be it clothes and accessories, hardware, software, or even food and beverages – and we do not even have to be in the same country or the same hemisphere as the retailer. International online shopping is convenient, comfortable, it often fills the need for something we do not have here at home, and it is getting faster with every passing day. Long story short, international online shopping is awesome!

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How to use data for success in customer care

We are living the age of big data with massive amounts of data being created, while only a small part of them gets actionable insights. In fact, there are only a few areas we can measure better than the quality of our customer care. Are you sure you are getting the most out of your data?

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Discover Youstice: How Youstice Dashboard makes your data smart

Effective management of your cases is always our priority. This effectiveness does not come from the quantity, but the quality of the data. Therefore, we have used some of the best UX practices to design a dashboard that makes your data approachable and smart. Check out what we have come up with for you.

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World Consumer Rights Day 2017: How to Build a Digital World Consumers Can Trust?

Every year on March 15th, we celebrate the World Consumer Rights Day. It is an opportunity to promote the basic rights of all consumers and to protest against market abuses and injustices that undermine them. The theme for 2017 is „Building a digital world consumers can trust“. What can e-commerce owners do to build a trusted digital environment? Try these tips.

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After visiting the sMind conference in Zagreb on the 6th April, we have only compliments for the organizers. It was so nice to see that the Croatian and Slovenian market are in fact leaders in digital innovations, we saw some great presentations. The level of the conference was really high, everyone was nice and we felt warmly welcome there.

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Cheddar and curiosity

Cheddar has several meaning. I know three: a name of an English village, cheese my daughter likes the most and a brand new project in the ad-blocking story created few days ago by the VRM initiative.

VRM stands for Vendor Relation Management as opposed to CRM (Customer Relation Management). VRM is on the side of consumers and at the same time it claims that this is the best position for vendors as well. VRM is clearly a private market-based initiative which is VERY different from political administrative non-practical consumer-protection topics as we know them from Europe.

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ODR: What next?

More and more articles and presentations at conferences this year deal with the topic of the future of online dispute resolution (ODR). All of the authors argue in favor of a very bright future of ODR. Many commentators speak about the next global reform of judicial systems which is going to happen through ODR technology. I agree with that.

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El avance de las ODR (Resolución de Disputas en Línea) en Latinoamérica

El trabajo de Alberto Elisavetsky en el campo de la mediación electrónica

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¡Les queremos dar la bienvenida a Mundo Youstice!

Como muchos de ustedes sabrán, este sitio es un espacio que busca acercarnos de forma interactiva a la nueva manera de resolver conflictos on-line por medio de Youstice.

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La gran lista de los mayores problemas de servicio de atención al cliente

No hay dudas que el servicio al cliente es una de las más importantes claves de propociciones de ventas. Sin embargo, casi todos los gerentes y directores afirman que su servicio al cliente es excepcional. Bueno, entonces, es muy lamentable que la mayoría de los clientes piensan lo contrario!
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¿Quiere que hablen de Usted? ¡Lea hasta el final!

La integración exitosa de Youstice en su página web de su tienda tiene una serie de ventajas, de las cuales puede beneficiarse inmediatamente, en el medio plazo sino también en el largo plazo.
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2014 y adelante: La gestión de reclamaciones debe ser un diálogo atractivo, de enfoque cooperativo, y real de parcialidad (Los reembolsos no son todo)

Economía de la abundancia, el aumento de la competencia comercial y la democratización de los medios sociales han convertido el cliente en algo como un tipo VIP de los tiempos viejos con la voz del alcance impredecible. Por lo tanto, descubrir lo que quieren y entregarlo es una necesidad... ¿algún problema con eso? ¡Por supuesto!
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La lealtad del cliente está cambiando - ¿Cómo debería también cambiar la forma del Marketing?

Los días en los que los consumidores solían ir a una tienda a comprar los productos se está convirtiendo rápidamente en una cosa del pasado y el comercio electrónico se está convirtiendo en la nueva forma de los consumidores interactúando con los comerciantes. Desde la explosión de la movilidad de los últimos años, las tiendas físicas son mucho menos influyentes que sus contrapartes: las tiendas online. Otro impacto del comercio electrónico ha sido el cambio en los hábitos de los consumidores - ya que se trata de una forma en que consumen, en que compran o de la forma en que se involucran con los comerciantes.
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5 consejos para tener un éxito en el servicio de los clientes

No puede dudarse que toda empresa que busque tener éxito, no debería olvidar que además de ofrecer productos y servicios de calidad, debe ofrecer también una atención de calidad al cliente.
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