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How to avoid nervous breakdown this Christmas (for retailers)

Season of plenty is upon us - and your shop as well! According to Fortune magazine, holiday season generates as much as 30% of yearly sales. That means you need to make sure to take advantage of generous spirit of Christmas. But how to avoid stress this responsibility puts on retailer's shoulders?

1. Prepare your store for onslaught of gift-givers

The closer the magical morning of Christmas Day creeps, the more busy your brick and mortar store will be. Don't underestimate the stress your employees will be under! Hire extra temporary help, just to provide the basic assistance for nervous shoppers.

Extend your opening hours. Yes, you're tired. So are the customers. Show them the courtesy of being available just a little bit longer. Extended opening hours will give you a competitive advantage and a bit of a leg-up in the Christmas retail competition.

Don't forget to properly train your staff! "New hires" will be extra enthusiastic, but they also need the proper know-how in order to help your customers make the most informed decision - or find the proper size of that jumper they want.

2. Tune Up Your E-shop

Online sales growth is exceeding in-store sales in growth during Christmas shopping season, with 6.8% of rise for e-shops and only 4% peak for brick and mortar business. As you see, online matters - increasingly so.

Checking your server capacity and stability of e-shop is essential, so is having your IT staff available should you something go wrong. Think about adding extra fast checkout for all those shoppers who need to buy something as soon as possible, and don't forget to have visible estimation of arrival date for the gifts. Highlighting the gift-wrapping option will also win many visitors to your side.

3. Follow Up On Your Social Media

Tension runs high right before Christmas. That is perhaps why your unsatisfied customers will rant about their shopping issues on your Facebook page before actually getting in touch with your customer care team.

Don't view this as a bad thing. If you catch the public complaint in time, you have a very good chance of fixing it - and while doing so publicly, increasing your reputation of fair retailer who provides excellent customer care.

Set up notifications for your Facebook and Twitter, as well as for the key hashtags across social media. Be prepared to dedicate at least one person to full-time check social media in order to catch any negative comments early and put the wheels of claim management in motion.

Be open, address quickly all issues and fix them as soon as you can. That`s the advice for any retailer working this Christmas season! If you found this article helpful, you might want to check out our feature the key attributes of competitive advantage for holiday shopping season.

Merry Christmas and may 2016 be your best year in sales yet!

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